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Working out at home is in high demand right now, especially the Peloton Bike. There are a lot of things that make the Peloton Bike attractive but with a cost of around $3000, a $39/month subscription, and delayed shipping due to demand, it’s not an option for a lot of people.

Joe and I wanted an easy and affordable way to work out at home so we did a lot of research. I’ve always loved taking spin classes at the gym over the years so I was very interested in the Peloton Bike, MYX Bike, or one of the other exercise bike/subscription services. However, our budget just doesn’t allow for that kind of expense right now so we found that you can use the Peloton app for $12.99/mo with your own bike/equipment. That’s when we started to research exercise bikes.

There are a lot of great exercise bikes that are comparable to the Peloton but we landed on the Joroto X2.

What we like about the Joroto x2

  • Magnetic Resistance – The magnetic resistance and belt drive system creates an unbelievably smooth and nearly silent ride, this bike is very suitable for indoor exercise. It will NEVER disturb the families or roommates and virtually no maintenance is required.
  • Heavy Flywheel – 35lbs chromed flywheel
  • Fully Adjustable – The seat and handlebar are both 4-way adjustable (up, down, back, and forward) to fit those users with different heights. The Peloton Bike isn’t 4-way adjustable. Also, adjustable caged foot pedals. 
  • Muti-use holder – Can hold a water bottle, phone, tablet, and more.
  • Built-in Computer – The built-in computer tracks time, distance, speed, and calories
  • 1-year warranty – 1-year warranty free replacement for all parts of the bike
Magnetic Resistance
4-way Adjustable handlebars
Steel toed adjustable caged pedals
Multi-use equipment holder
35lb flywheel
Built-in computer that tracks time, distance, speed and calories.

The Joroto x2 is a very comfortable bike and performs beautifully. It’s provides a nice smooth ride that offers flexibility for the rider. The seat and handlebars adjust for maximum comfort. The 35lb flywheel and magnetic resistance offer a smooth ride. This is a well built bike comparable to most professional exercise bikes you would find in most gyms.

Not only does the Joroto x2 have great specs but it’s available at Amazon for $469 with fast shipping. We got our bike about 2 days after placing our order.

Joroto x2 on exercise mat

In addition to the Joroto x2 we also purchased an exercise mat to protect the floor under the bike. This exercise mat cost about $23 on Amazon.

Wahoo Cadence Sensor attached to the inside of the crank arm

We also bought the Wahoo Cadence Sensor. Simply attach the sensor to the crank arm on your bike and link it via Bluetooth to the Wahoo app on your phone (no additional charge). Track and capture real-time cycling cadence on your bike computer or smartphone with compatible training apps. This is extremely helpful if you are taking a Peloton class as they often reference where you cadence should be during the ride. The Wahoo also records your  workout data and automatically syncs with your favorite training platform.

Finally, we purchased the $12.99/month Peloton app subscription. The app is accessible via your phone, tablet and even Roku. We downloaded the Peloton app on the Roku TV in our bedroom and use that for our rides. With the Peloton app you have access to a lot of great content like cycling, strength training, cardio, yoga, meditation and more.

We’ve been using the Joroto x2 setup at home now for a while and I love it. Even though I don’t get all of the extra features of the Peloton I do get the same great workout.

Video Review for Joroto x2

What we purchased

Joroto x2 bike on Amazon

Supermat Exercise Mat on Amazon

Wahoo Cadence Sensor on Amazon

Peloton App Subscription

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