Sad Sick Baby = One Tired Mama

Our family is passing around a cold and it’s no fun for anyone, especially me. Last week Jude was Mr. Sicky and while it briefly slowed him down he usually just gets mean when he is sick. He hurts and gets mad about it. So his regular 3-year-old tantrums where off the charts. Thankfully, he was only sick for a few days and the tantrums are fewer.
 This baby is sick… I know he looks so happy and cute… but he’s sick.

Then a few days ago baby Noah caught the cold and has been so pitiful. Tuesday night he woke up every 30 minutes then finally fell asleep about 5 am. I got about 2 hours of sleep. He slept most of the day yesterday. I was exhausted but had to care for Jude. I planned to go to bed early last night but Noah had other plans. He was super fussy and didn’t fall asleep until after midnight. So last night we both slept for about 4 hours before he got stuffy and upset. So I’ve been up since about 4 am. I finally got him back to sleep at 7am just in time for Jude to wake up. So goes the life of a mom.

Alas, all of this craziness has resulted in my catching this cold. However, there is relief in sight. Joe is taking the day off tomorrow. So while I will still be responsible for caring for Noah, Joe can keep Jude occupied while I snuggle up with the baby and sleep in my warm, cozy bed. Motherhood has it’s perks.

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