My Emergency Trip to the Dentist

So I spent my Friday sitting in a dentist chair. Luckily, it was a really comfortable dentist chair with massage and heat.

For the past few weeks I’ve had some on and off tooth pain. So I went to the dentist last week, a dentist that was recommended to us by one of Joe’s co-workers. Well, instead of addressing my complaint of tooth pain they just did a routine cleaning, some X-rays and said the soonest they could do a filling was the end of December. So I went home pretty bummed and still in pain. I thought I might be able to ride it out until last night.

The boys have been sick this week and I’ve caught their cold. My lack of sleep plus the sinus congestion just aggravated my already sore tooth. Most of last night I spent awake and in pain. I took some Aleve, used Anbesol and applied ice to my face and nothing provided any comfort. I got a little rest sitting almost straight up but between the pain and the sick, fussy baby I was pretty worn out. I spent my awake time looking up dentists, turns out most of them are closed on friday. I found a few “emergency” dental places that claimed to be open but when I called I discovered they were actually closed on fridays. So this morning I called a place that, even though they were booked, would see me.

I went in at 11:30 knowing I’d have to wait a bit as they worked around their regular patients to see me. The dentist office was amazing, most beautiful dentist office I’ve seen. It looked like a ski lodge. See, this is the lobby.
I was there for almost 4 hours but I don’t care because I just want my tooth to feel better. Plus the place was so nice. They had heated, massage patient chairs. A jelly fish tank in my exam room and my own personal tv above my chair. 

So I watched 4 hours of HGTV. Turns out one of my molars decided to crack in half. So they had to do a temporary crown and I have to go back after Christmas to get my permanent crown. It all cost a pretty penny, even with insurance. But remember that insurance money we got back from Noah’s birth… well now we know what to do with it. funny how that works.

I’m currently can’t feel my face but I’m ok with that. If I never have to experience the pain I felt last night it will be too soon. (And I had 2 babies naturally)

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