Week In My Life Recap

I didn’t do the whole week since I typically don’t blog much on the weekends I wanted to keep it that way. Maybe one day I will blog about a typical weekend. Maybe after Joe isn’t working on weekends anymore.

I really enjoyed the whole process and encourage others to document their entire life for a week or even a whole day. I had to be very intentional about it. It also took a good bit of time to download all the images and write the post. I was surprised at how by the end of the day I was already starting to forget what happened just a few hours earlier. I hope that I can save these posts for Jude and Noah to look back upon when they get older to see what life was like when they were small.

Now I want to answer some of the questions I received in the comments. (I’m in the process of switching to WordPress where I will be able to respond to your comments!)


TUES 10.11.11

Jess (The Cozy Reader) said: “LOVED the color game! But the pic of your food looks horrible! What IS that?! :|”

Well, Jess it was the Egg-Ceptional Eggs… (from Flying Biscuit)
Two large farm fresh eggs over medium, on black bean cakes topped with oven-roasted tomatillo salsa, feta cheese & sour cream served with creamy dreamy grits.

 WEDS 10.12.11

carO__ said: “We love the Sandra Boynton collection and Pajama Time is my favorite! Do you always read it in a jazzy voice like the way it sounds?”

carO_ I do read Pajama Time in a jazzy sing songy voice, I think that is why Jude loves it so much. 

THURS 10.13.11

Jess (The Cozy Reader) said: “You never mentioned what you made in the crock pot?! I love crock pot meals.”

Jess, I made Chicken Tacos. It’s super simple. Just put in some boneless chicken breasts, pour in a jar of salsa, cook on low for 6hrs, shred the chicken and mix w/salsa and serve in taco shells w/toppings of your choice. My friend Andrea taught me how to make this and we usually eat it once a week.

FRI 10.14.11

allison c @godansker.com said: “Um, there are THREE Starbucks at North Hills? How did I not know this!?”

Yes, allison c @godansker.com there are at least 3 Starbucks throughout the North Hills shopping center. 1 in Target, 1 near the green area beside Ben and Jerry’s and 1 across the street near Panera. There may even be another one hiding somewhere I have yet to find.

If you have any questions regarding my Week or just my Life feel free to ask. I just might answer you.