41 Weeks Pregnant

The facts:
I am 9 days past my due date.

Every morning in the shower I give baby 2 a little pep talk reassuring him it’s OK to come out now.

Every evening (for the past few weeks) I have a various number of contractions ranging in intensity and usually about 7 minutes apart. Just when I think, “maybe this is it” they stop. *sigh

I’ve tried a variety of labor induction methods (except castor oil) and so far nothing has helped. 

It can be very discouraging to be so far “past due” but I have to keep reminding myself that some people go into labor 2 weeks early and some 2 weeks late (due dates are just estimates).

In the meantime I am thankful for….
Air Conditioning 
My awesome husband (for an endless number of things)
Netflix Instant – to keep Jude entertained while we stay inside the AC
My mom who calls to check on me every day. (I answer the phone “no baby yet”)
Other moms who understand


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