Let the Weird Pregnancy Dreams Begin

One of the more interesting side effects of pregnancy is crazy, vivid dreams. Sometimes these dreams can be scary or stressful but most often my pregnancy dreams are just plain weird.

Even when I’m not pregnant I have weird dreams. Pregnancy just adds another dose of crazy. It’s like a wild drug trip. (I can only imagine since I’ve never actually done drugs.)

Recently I’ve been having dreams about breastfeeding. Like last night I dreamed that I just forgot to breastfeed the baby for a few days and instead fed it solid foods.  Everyone was fine and I just decided it would probably be a good idea to breastfeed my child.
Or another dream I had where I was a well-oiled milk factory. Everything was so easy. The milk just flowed right out. Breastfeeding was a breeze and pumping was even easier. It was so simple and such an awesome dream. 

What kind of crazy pregnancy dreams have you had?

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