My thoughts on C-sections

So today while I was on the elliptical trainer at the gym one of the many TVs in the room was tuned into The Doctors. I really don’t care for that show but today they would be showing a “live birth” so, being pregnant I was intrigued. 

I wondered how they could have lined up a woman to give birth the same time as the show. I figured maybe they induced her but even induction doesn’t promise a timely birth. Finally, they showed the mother going in for a schedule c-section. My heart sank, I was totally devastated for this woman and her baby. In my mind they weren’t showing birth, they were showing surgery. (To me birth meant labor and delivery. But I guess technically it just means removing a baby from the womb.)
Don’t get me wrong I know each person has the right to do to their body what they wish but it makes me sad to see unnecessary surgery performed. I do think that c-sections have their place but more often than not they are completely unnecessary and dangerous. 

It really concerns me the casual attitude Americans have toward surgery, especially c-sections. Here is a great article explain why the c-section rate in the US has risen so dramatically within the past 30 years.

All that to say I really wish women and health care professionals would reevaluate their thoughts on pregnancy, labor and delivery.


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