C-Sections Thoughts Follow-up

After a lot of comments on my previous post about C-sections I thought I should clarify, it appears several people have misunderstood what I was saying.

I do believe that “birth” is bringing a child into the world weather that is vaginally or through surgery. (If you misunderstood me on that point I am sorry)

What really bothers me is the flippancy with which people approach c-sections. When not absolutely necessary they impose much more risk than a natural birth. I completely understand that there are a few cases where women have medical conditions which require intervention and I would never want to rob any woman of her experience to “birth” her child.
Overall, I want to urge women to really research their options and all the risks involved. I know not everyone will want to have a natural home birth but I think everyone should realize they have control over their body and that childbirth is a natural part of being a female. It is not a disease, our bodies were made to do this.

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