Some Girls Dream of Their Wedding Day, I Dream of My House.

As a little girl I would spend endless hours drawing house plans, arranging imaginary furniture and “living” in my future house. 

Years later I still dream of “my house”. We live in a tiny 2 bedroom townhouse that we outgrew pretty much the moment we moved in. We have a tiny fenced in yard (and when I say yard I mean a plot of rocks.), the world’s smallest kitchen and absolutely no storage. It is anything but ideal for a family.
my tiny kitchen
the extend of our living space
I dream of space. Space inside for our growing family. Space outside for Jude to run and play. Storage for all of my husband’s collections. A kitchen where I can prepare a meal and not use the stove top as a prepping surface. For years it’s only been a dream. But the time has come. To Move. 

We don’t know where we will be moving but we’re packing boxes and planning to move the end of March. (Still renting) I’m anxious and excited.

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  1. Jess, Cyndi and I love our neighborhood. There are rental houses mixed in all around our neighborhood. It's right across from North Hills – just outside the beltline. Big yards and lots of families.

    We would love to see you move into Lakemont!

  2. I feel like I'm in the same boat as you. We have tiny 2 bedroom townhouse which we are quickly outgrowing but I don't know if we have plans to move anytime soon. So I'm super excited for you to get your dream space! I love the excitement of moving but not the work!!!

  3. Hooray for moving, and new experiences, good thing you're doing it before little miss comes though (oh and you found out the gender, hooray!! congrats) it's soooooo hard to move with a new baby, trust me!

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