He Takes Care of Us

Joe and I are really trying to be responsible with our money, the little that we have. So sometimes I think we need to cut back on certain thing that we previously said were important. Such as eating healthy foods, routine doctor visits, etc… Joe reminds me that by cutting those things out we risk bigger financial losses so I begrudgingly go along. But I think God honors our willingness to sacrifice financial security to make sure we take care of our selves and our family. I’m not talking extravagant trips or clothes but things that benefit our well being.

For instance Joe and I try to go to the chiropractor for routine adjustments. We strongly believe being properly aligned can reduce the potential for illness in additional areas of the body. However, recently our chiropractic co-pay went up and we contemplated eliminating our monthly visits. But Joe insisted and yesterday we went and felt much better afterward. Not only did our bodies feel better but so did our wallet. Apparently, the insurance company had been taking too much of our co-pay and we both had credits on our account. Which basically meant our total bill was about half of what one of us would typically pay! Sometimes Insurance does pay!

Also, some friends of ours gave us free fair tickets! We’re still deciding when to go but at least admission is free now!


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