Sandra Boynton – Amazing Cows Book Review

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Every night we read a few books to Jude before bed. We have a large collection of Sandra Boynton‘s board books and he always selects at least one Boynton book, if not all. I initially bought all the Boynton board books because I was a big fan but Jude quickly became a fan also.

It’s no surprise that kids and parents both love Boynton’s books, they are beautifully illustrated and fun to read. Boynton’s new book Amazing Cows is a fun, interactive book all about cows. Some of the parts are a little advanced for Jude right now but I’m sure he will grow into it. He already spent a good amount of time flipping through the book looking at all the colorful illustrations. Overall, it’s just a fun book for everyone.

Amazing Cows is a full-color lavishly-illustrated, exuberant miscellany of bovinely-inspired stories, jokes, poems, a song, a myth, and even a vintage Amazing Cow comic book entitled “Trouble on Zebblor 7.” All this plus a free download of the 300 kazoo recording of “Boléro Completely Unraveled” as performed by the Highly Irritating Orchestra.

I received the featured product in exchange for my honest opinion. The opinions expressed in this post are my own and not influenced by the company.

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