Beach Wedding in Wrightsville Beach, NC

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This past week Joe and I (along with Abel) got to take a short trip to the beach to attend a wedding. Joe was a groomsman in his friend’s destination wedding and we got to take advantage of the wedding destination! Abel got to come along for the ride since he is still breastfed and doesn’t always sleep through the night. Plus he’s never been to the beach before.

We stayed at the Shell Island Resort in Wrightsville Beach, NC. I grew up going to Wrightsville Beach (or the surrounding area) so it’s kind of nice going someplace familiar. I basically know my way around and I know some great places to hang out or dine. Although things have changed quite a bit over the past 25 years that we’ve been vacationing in the Wilmington area.

Overall, we liked staying at the Shell Island Resort. All of the rooms are on the ocean with a great view, they are also all suites meaning they have a kitchen/living/dining and bedroom. This was great because we were able to set up Abel’s pack-n-play in the living area and we had the bedroom all to ourselves. The wedding was held on the beach in front of the resort so all we had to do was walk downstairs to attend the wedding and reception. This was great because when it was time for Abel to go to bed I just took him upstairs and Joe got to stay at the reception. Although our room was directly over the reception hall so we could very clearly hear all the dance music. Luckily, everything wrapped up around 9:30 pm. We liked our stay at Shell Island it’s not the nicest hotel we’ve stayed at but it was a good getaway and we might even consider taking the whole family back sometime.

In addition to all of our wedding duties, we got to go out and do a little fun exploring downtown Wilmington. I’ve always loved walking around downtown there are so many great little shops and restaurants right on the riverfront. Although this time it seemed as if a lot of the unique shops had disappeared and been replaced with more touristy shops. I was kind of disappointed but we still had a great time walking around, and enjoying the gorgeous spring weather.

It was nice to get away even with 1 child in tow. (He was a big hit at the wedding!) I missed the boys a lot but I was glad they all didn’t come with us. They got to stay home with Grandma and Grammy (2 grandmas for 1 weekend) they were super excited!

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