2B Mom: Cloud B Sleep Sheep Review + Discount

When Jude was tiny he loved to cuddle up to my chest to fall asleep. I’m sure the familiar sound of my heartbeat was soothing to him. I was super excited when I discovered the Sleep Sheep from Cloud B. The Sleep Sheep is the perfect night-time companion to help soothe children to sleep in a safe, calming and effortless way.

The Sleep Sheep has 4 different nature sounds including:
  • heart
  • rain
  • ocean
  • whale
I like the sleep timer, which lets you select 23 or 45 minutes. The velcro hook on the back allows for you to easily attach the Sleep Sheep to the outside of any crib. The sound machine is removable so you can easily wash the Sleep Sheep. 
I’m really looking forward to using the Sleep Sheep for baby 2. Jude already loves the Sleep Sheep so I’ll probably have to hide it away so he doesn’t claim it before baby 2 even has a chance to use it. The sounds are very soothing, so soothing that I’ve considered attaching it to my bed.

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Order: Buy Sleep Sheep online at Cloud B 

I received the featured product in exchange for my honest opinion. The opinions expressed in this post are my own and not influenced by the company.

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