Movie Review: The Business of Being Born

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Last night Joe and I finally watched, The Business of Being Born. After months of wanting to attend one of the local showings but never being able to work it out it was finally released on DVD and last night we sat down and watched it. It’s one of those documentaries you hate and love all at the same time. I loved it because I saw these women passionate about sometime so important and taking charge of their bodies and not falling into the status quo. And I hated it because it shows you the truths about our country that are so depressing and how big business is killing people just for money. I read a negative review on Netflix and this couple didn’t watch the whole movie because they thought the whole objective was one side… my response to that is 1. It’s a documentary and that’s usually the point, 2. If you’d seen the end you’d realize they came to an important conclusion about the role hospitals and OB’s play in the birthing process.

In conclusion, I recommend this movie to anyone… weather you plan on having a baby or not, despite what you believe or decide to do during your pregnancy I think it is important to be educated about the process and your options. My favorite quote from the movie was by Patrica Burkhardt Professor with the NYU Midwifery Program who said, “People in our culture spend more time and effort researching to buy a stereo system, a car, probably a camera than they do checking out what their choices are for birth.”


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