Dining with a Toddler is an Adventure

Last night Joe and I decided to go out on the town. We don’t go out to dinner often but it was First Friday in downtown Raleigh and there was a lot to see and do. We decided to go out to eat at Sitti, an Authentic Lebanese Restaurant. As we were walking around downtown Jude fell asleep in the stroller (he missed his afternoon nap and was pretty tired.) So we continued walking around hoping he’d be in a good mood when we finally woke up. We were wrong. 
He was fine until we were seated and tried to remove him from the stroller. Let’s just say the next few minutes were filled with a loud crying toddler and embarrassed parents. We tried everything to appease him… food, drink, toys, etc… nothing was working. Eventually the manager came over to our table. My heart sank, we were going to be asked to leave. However, much to my surprise the manager didn’t want us to leave but he wanted to make Jude more comfortable. (I’m sure his intentions were also to keep the rest of his customers happy.) But he handled the situation beautifully and for that I am very thankful. 

They moved us to the nice quite outdoor courtyard. The weather was great and Jude was completely content out there. I’m still not sure why he was so upset inside but we speculated it was just too loud and overwhelming. But I do want to thank Anna, our server and Ed, the manager of Sitti for their patience and kindness toward us. The manager even gave us a free dessert, which was delicious! All of the food was amazing.
If you are ever in Raleigh I highly recommend dining at Sitti (or any Empire Eats restaurant.) 

I receive no compensation for this post. Everything that happen is true and my opinion.

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