Our Deck Garden

This year I decided to plant a few vegetables and herbs in pots on our deck. I’m really hoping the vegetable plants will yield something, anything this year. In the past I’ve planted veggies and herbs and while the herbs tend to do OK, I always have a hard time with vegetables.
So this year we are keeping it simple with a few potted plants. I’m hoping that keeping them on the deck will ward many of animals that might otherwise roam our garden (ie. bunnies and squirrels)
So far 1 of my tomato plants has 1 tiny little tomato. Hopefully, we’ll get a few more tomatoes to join him.
For Mother’s Day the boys got me a Sweet Banana Pepper plant and a Red Pepper plant. Both seem to be doing well so hopefully they will give us a few peppers. I might need to re-pot them in bigger pots.
My herbs are doing great. I have Rosemary, Cilantro and Basil. I might add a few more herbs like Mint, Parsley and Oregano. 
Here’s hoping I can keep these plants alive and maybe even get some useful vegetables.

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