Dr. Happy and Mr. Hungry

Like most toddlers Jude has his moments of unexplainable fussiness. One minute he’s happy and laughing and then out of nowhere Mr. Happy turns into Mr. Crabby. It’s your common case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. As his mother I know there are really only 2 main reasons for his fussitude: Fatigue & Hunger.

Now a toddler will eventually succumb to sleep despite his greatest efforts to stay awake. But hunger is a ravaging beast that can consume your toddler in a matter of minutes, transforming your sweet little cuddlebug into a tatrum throwing toddler. Most moms know to prepare for such instances by carrying a snack with them wherever they go. However, most portable toddler snacks are either cookies, crackers or some other sugary, unhealthy snack.

Some fruits are yummy but don’t fit in the diaper bag. 

But what about us moms that want to keep our kids healthy? May I suggest GoGo squeeZ 100% squeezable fruit. Jude loves fruit but it’s hard to keep fresh fruit on hand when you are out and about. Moms are busy but that doesn’t mean we want to feed our kids fast food junk.

Watch this video to see just how easy it is for your child to eat GoGo squeeZ!


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