Did I tell you about the time I lost my bathing suit top at the pool?

Probably not, because it just happen this morning. So here’s the story of how I almost flashed the entire city pool.
Jude and I attended a pool party this morning. He had a great time running around and swimming with other kids. His favorite thing to do was to walk the perimeter of the pool and ensure that all toys were IN the pool. It was fun to watch until he decided to throw in toys that other kids were still playing with. I told him NO to which he protested by throwing himself on the ground. I picked him up to remove him from the situation and he decided to throw a tantrum. During his tantrum he pulled on my suit top untying the strap around my neck. Luckily, since I was holding him to my chest everything stayed in place. Andrea was kind enough to retie my straps. (A true friend!)

I should have taken that as my cue to leave but we stayed a bit longer which resulted in a complete melt down as we were trying to leave. I blame the three worst enemies of any toddler: HEAT, HUNGER and TIREDNESS.

LESSON: Wear an well fitting hard to remove bathing suit while swimming with a toddler.

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