Sharing Mama Is Hard

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Noah is a very sweet and loving boy but he is also very jealous of baby Simon. He LOVES his baby and anytime Simon starts crying Noah will run to his side, often trying to pick him up to comfort him. He is a good big brother. But the moment I pick up baby Simon, Noah’s jealous side appears.


“Me! Me! Me!” he cries while reaching his arms up toward me.

I find it especially difficult to nurse Simon when Noah is around. Noah tries to climb up in my lap while I’m nursing Simon or he sticks his head in between me and Simon saying, “Milkies!” Now Noah weaned from breastfeeding when I was pregnant with Simon (when he was about 12 months old) and he doesn’t actually have any interest in nursing he is just jealous of the attention.


While it can me extremely frustrating and sometimes even painful to have a toddler hurling himself at me while I’m taking care of Simon I try to be very sensitive to Noah’s needs. I love my sweet Noah and even though he is no longer the baby I love that he still needs me so much. I don’t want to deny him the physical and emotional connection he desires.

So whenever I get the opportunity to sit and cuddle with just him, I cherish it.

And I especially love the moments when he will share my lap with baby Simon. Noah will lean over to hug and kiss Simon as we rock together in the big blue chair.


And every once in awhile Jude asks to join his two little brothers and sit on my lap and if only for a few moments I’m crushed by love.


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