Capture the Everyday: My Three Kitchen Tools I Couldn’t Live Without

Ok, so I probably could live without these three items if say… I had a personal chef or never had to cook again. But until that day I am glad I have a well equipped kitchen.
1. My Slow Cooker (AKA The Crock Pot). I received it as a wedding gift and sadly I was probably most excited about it out of all the things we registered for. I typically use it about twice a week, sometimes more. It makes cook so effortless.

2. My can opener. My old roommate had a can opener like this, it cuts the entire lid off and leaves no sharp edges. Most people don’t know how to use it but I actually have 2 of them.

3. My mini cheese grater. I have a large cheese grader which only use when the little one is dirty. I prefer to grate my own cheese, first because it’s cheaper to buy a block of cheese and secondly because I think it just tastes better.

I’m interested to see what Joe’s Must-Have Kitchen Items would be. If I were to take a guess I’m pretty sure they would all center around coffee. 

Capture the Everyday from Adventuroo

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