My anxiety and Jude’s SPD

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I worry a lot about Jude. As a mother I think it’s pretty typical to worry about your children but when you sense something might be a little “off”about your child it causes you too over analyze every little detail.

I want to talk about how I deal with Jude’s SPD (and other sensory issues).  To be honest, it’s pretty tough at times. His energy level is off the charts almost all of the time and his constant movement makes me anxious. In some ways I’ve become accustomed to it but when he’s around other children his own age I really notice the difference.

I find myself constantly fussing at him to “STOP JUMPING” or “sit down”. He jumps a lot especially if he is excited. I think what is difficult for me is that I don’t know how to harness his energy. I used to think that he needed to run and jump to get his energy out but I’m learning that just fuels his energy level. He is actually the most calm when his brain is focused on a task like building Legos or writing books.

Imagine someone constantly pacing around your living room all day. Bouncing back and forth between the walls and chattering on about everything. It’s nerve racking. Sometimes I hide in the bedroom just to make the room stop spinning.

As much as his constant movement stresses me out my desire to help him stresses me out even more. I want to help him integrate into social scenarios without changing him. His sensory issues may be a challenge for him on some levels but I know they can also serve him well as he gets older. His passion for life is what makes him so uniquely Jude and I don’t want to do anything to crush his spirit. But at the same time he needs to be able to function appropriately in social situations.

We are doing and have tried so many different things to help him. Minimal screen time. Schedules. Charts. Gluten Free Diets. Dye Free, Chemical Free, All Natural Diets. Occupational Therapy. Sports. Supplements. Etc… My brain is exhausted and my nerves are shot. I know that worrying about him won’t help him but it’s part of my motherly DNA to worry.



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