Capture the Everyday: His Favorite Place to Play

I’d like to say Jude’s favorite room in our new house was his awesome new playroom but currently he is really loving our screened in porch. I have to admit I am in love with it too.
We can play outside, get dirty and wet without worry of bugs attacking us or sunburned. 

He currently enjoys playing with our toy car garage attic find and water… lots of water!~

Capture the Everyday from Adventuroo

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  1. Sounds AWESOME!!I bet you could spend hours and hours in it! I would like to put screens around our porch because of the bugs but the husband likes it left open.

  2. We have a sun porch too and this time of year (and also Fall) are our favorite times to be out there…enjoy!!

  3. Ooh that looks wonderful! I can just imagine the breeze, a good place and a tall glass of ice tea while the little one plays.

  4. I have to admit, I am extremely jealous. The only outside space we have is a teensy tiny deck. I would love some outside in space:)

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