First Date Anniversary Date

Every year on the day after Thanksgiving Joe and I celebrate our First Date by going to the same restaurant we went on our first date. We reminisce, laugh and talk about how far we’ve come.  I think I like First Date Anniversary more than Thanksgiving.
The First Date
In 2005 on the day after Thanksgiving Joe and I had our first date. Neither of us knew if it was a date but by the end of the night I think we both knew we’d be seeing each other again. At the time Joe was in between leases (I like to say he was homeless) and sleeping on a friend’s couch. So we ate dinner down the street at the Jade Garden, a little Chinese place just down the street. We were the only people in the restaurant and as awkward as first dates are ours was even more awkward as the waiter sat at the table beside us, rolled napkins and eavesdropped. When our meal was over and the waiter brought us the check Joe, still uncertain of the “date” status asked, “what do you want to do about the check.” Not really knowing what to do I paid for myself and he paid for himself. 

After dinner we walked back to the apartment where he was staying and decided to watch a movie. (The residents of the apartment were out of town for Thanksgiving.) We decided to watch The Big Lebowski. Joe sat on the end of the couch and I sat next to him, that is the moment he realized it was a date! We watched the movie, held hands and have been together ever since. 

First Date Anniversary – 6 Years Later
Last night we took our annual date to the Jade Garden. I think we even had the same waiter that we had 6 years ago, although he didn’t sit and watch us eat this time. (It’s a family owned business)

We had a special coupon so we ordered way too much food and tried a few new things. Joe took the liberty of ordering all of our food.
Just like our first date, we were the only people in the restaurant.
We started off the evening with fried spring rolls. Our usual.
For our 2nd Appetizer we had fried dumplings – this was new for both of us. We liked them!
Then we had wonton soup as a starter. YUM! I love the crunchy noodles.
Then our entrees arrived… all 3 of them! Mongolian Beef – my favorite and the same thing I ordered 6 years ago!
Mandarin Chicken – something new for both of us.
And Pan Fried Noodles – Also something new
Of course we had to get a few to go boxes.
And this time Joe paid.
We had an awesome time, even our fortune cookie was awesome.

After dinner instead of watching The Big Lebowski on his friend’s couch we went to Target to get a few Christmas present for the boys. It was a pretty perfect evening. I really do love spending time with my husband and I hope we continue the tradition of the First Date Anniversary date for many years to come.


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