New Design – What a glass of sweet tea does to me.

You may notice things look a little different around here. Well, I drank sweet tea with my dinner last night and was awake until after 2am. (I don’t drink coffee, soda or really any caffeinated drink so a glass of sweet tea is powerful stuff in my body.) Well I decided I wanted to lighten up my blog especially since it’s spring, so I did a little redesign. 

The header image has a neat history. This is the image is from my wedding RSVP card and I absolutely love it. All of our wedding announcement and printed materials were designed by our extremely talented friend, Matt Gauck. Those are little cartoon characters of me and Joe.

I know it’s not much a bee theme but I’m not a big fan of yellow so I figured I’d go another direction. I love blue and brown so that’s what we’ve got.

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