NC Blogger: Raleigh Street Fashion #iheartnc


Meet NC Blogger, Cydney from Raleigh Street Fashion

Tell us more about yourself:  I grew up here in NC, and my primary field of work is
architecture. I think it is pretty common for architects (or, in my case, soon-to-be architects) to be interested in all fields of design, from clothing to furniture to graphics. So it kind of makes sense that I have always loved fashion.
What are a few of your favorite posts on your blog?
I really love doing the designer profiles, like this one of Johanna Ely of Good Girls Studio.
The reactions I get when I ask someone on the street if I can take their picture are a lot of fun, they’ll either pose like Kali and Demi or they are taken by surprise and it is fun to pay someone a compliment they totally don’t expect, like Hazel
Where in NC are you located? Downtown Raleigh
How long have you lived in NC? All my life, except the five years I spent in architecture school at Virginia Tech (in Blacksburg and Alexandria).
Do you blog about NC or local events/places?
Mostly! I take photos of people on the street with great style, interview local designers and promote local events like First Fridays and Traffic Jam.
What is your favorite local place to eat? Too many favorites to choose just one! I love NOFO, The Pit, Dos Taquitos Centro and Armadillo Grill. I just recently discovered the new Market Restaurant, sure to be a favorite.
Who is your favorite local attraction? I’d have to say the Big Boss Brewery and Tavern are a great local attraction. There are several around, but Big Boss is just outside of downtown and they give free tours once a month, where they talk about how great Raleigh City Water is for making beer!
What is your favorite local shop or retailer? I love Revolver for great deals on awesome designer clothes, shoes and accessories and AHPeele for amazing original art in t-shirt form!
What is your favorite NC vacation spot? There is such a variety I can’t choose just one! NC has the mountains and the sea and I have great memories of both! My favorites would be hiking in Pisgah National Forest, canoeing on the Nantahala River or camping on the beaches of the Core Banks!
What advice would you give someone visiting your town? To check out the great museums, our many college and university campuses and all the great local food and art!
What else should readers know about you, your blog or NC?
I hope my blog inspires people to express themselves through what they wear and to carry
themselves with poise and confidence; that’s real beauty. I love to travel but I love coming home to NC. There is just so much natural beauty here and so much hospitality. No matter where I go, I meet great people and not all of them grew up here, so it isn’t necessarily even a ‘southern’ thing!

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