Date Night – A definition

What qualifies a date?
As Valentine’s Day approaches I’ve been asking myself what it really means to date your spouse. Before you got married dates were pretty obvious. But after getting married and starting a family the line starts to get a little fuzzy.

We would all agree that leaving the kids at home and going to dinner is obviously a date. But what if you’re like us and don’t have the money to go out to dinner much less hire a babysitter. That’s when you have to get creative.

Joe and I go on a lot of “dates” which consist of sitting on the couch watching a movie, playing a board game or just talking after Jude has gone to bed. Even when he works long days, has class, tutors, has band practice and other obligations he will stay up late just to spend time with me. It could be bed cuddles just before bed where we talk about or day, stress and dreams. I think the key is being intentional.

One day I’d like to have money to go out to dinner, just the two of us but that day appears to be a long way off. So for this Valentine’s day we’ll be eating a big lunch between all 4 church services while the baby sleeps.


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