The baby is threatening to strike

Noah is laying down the law and threatening to go on a nursing strike.
He gets so mad at my boobs.
See I produce A LOT of milk AND have a forceful letdown which causes Noah to pull off and sometimes even just stop nursing. This then results in baby with gas that is still hungry. He’s learning that the boob is the cause of his troubles but doesn’t realize it’s also the solution.
Luckily, he’s still a great sleeper… once I satisfy his hunger.
So far the trick is to get him sucking on the paci while positioned at the breast and then slip in the nip real quick. However, if he’s too far gone into freak out mode Joe has pulls out the special flying baby belly hold that always calms a tiny upset stomach.
I really enjoy breastfeeding my son so I hope this is a short lived phase.

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