B Mine: Toddland Review

Real men have facial hair.

My husband sports a stylish beard and is constantly admiring of others with great facial hair. So it was only logical that I get him the Toddland Manstache Wallet. Joe loves having a reminder of his facial hair awesomeness every time he gets pulled over or buys something. But don’t worry if your husband isn’t fortunate enough to sport a killer beard or mustache the Manstache wallet comes with a stache sticker he can place on his ID picture so he can be cool like all the other guys. Incognito is neato.

toddland had a lot of gray wallets laying around. then they went through puberty.
and that little mustache sticker is for the clear window when you put your id in it. why spend all that time growing an awesome stache when you can just sticker one on?
printed vinyl wallet. comes with running couple insert card, certificate of awesometicity, and a 20% tip card from the toddland department of non-stingy tipping. card slots and clear idea window. 100% vinyl. one size fits most. unless you have tiny pockets. then good for you!

Toddland has a great selection of products I’m sure your husband would love this Valentine’s Day.

Here are a few of Joe’s favorites…

About Toddland
Toddland is a groups of friends that wanted to make rad things for themselves and friends. They believe if you are going to make something, make it as rad as possible. I agree!

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