I cut my long hair and gave it away.


My hair grows extremely fast when I’m pregnant. Even though I got my hair cut when I was pregnant with Abel it had quickly returned that unbearable length… when it get caught under my armpit I know it’s too long.

So after weeks of complaining I finally broke down and schedule a hair appointment. When I told the hair stylist how short I wanted it (I point to above my shoulders) she suggested I donated it. I’ve never thought of donating my hair. Honestly, I never thought I’d have enough hair to donate… when I was younger I kept it pretty short and it didn’t grow as fast.

Before Pantene Beautiful Lengths Donation
Before Pantene Beautiful Lengths Donation


Why not? If I plan on cutting off a substantial amount of hair I might as well do it right so someone else can benefit. Apparently, you have to follow specific steps to ensure that they will accept the hair you donate.

I cut off about a foot of hair which I have donated to the Pantene Beautiful Lengths program which donates free wigs to the American Cancer Society’s wig bank.

After Pantene Beautiful Lengths Donation
After Pantene Beautiful Lengths Donation

Now I feel great… I have a short and much more manageable hair style and I donated to a great cause.

If you’re considering donating hair check our the Pantene Beautiful Lengths program.


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  1. What a wonderful post! I agree 100% with you – cutting long hair is a great thing. In addition, a visit to this hairdresser will not only help to change the image, but also maintain healthy hair. A professional hairdresser can help you choose the perfect style and give advice on hair care, as well as advice on the best styling for your hair. If you want to donate your hair to charity, many hairdressers partner with organizations that make wigs for people who have lost their hair due to illness. This is a great way to help others and do something good for your hair.

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