I cut my long hair and gave it away.


My hair grows extremely fast when I’m pregnant. Even though I got my hair cut when I was pregnant with Abel it had quickly returned that unbearable length… when it get caught under my armpit I know it’s too long.

So after weeks of complaining I finally broke down and schedule a hair appointment. When I told the hair stylist how short I wanted it (I point to above my shoulders) she suggested I donated it. I’ve never thought of donating my hair. Honestly, I never thought I’d have enough hair to donate… when I was younger I kept it pretty short and it didn’t grow as fast.

Before Pantene Beautiful Lengths Donation
Before Pantene Beautiful Lengths Donation


Why not? If I plan on cutting off a substantial amount of hair I might as well do it right so someone else can benefit. Apparently, you have to follow specific steps to ensure that they will accept the hair you donate.

I cut off about a foot of hair which I have donated to the Pantene Beautiful Lengths program which donates free wigs to the American Cancer Society’s wig bank.

After Pantene Beautiful Lengths Donation
After Pantene Beautiful Lengths Donation

Now I feel great… I have a short and much more manageable hair style and I donated to a great cause.

If you’re considering donating hair check our the Pantene Beautiful Lengths program.


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