A pre-birthday date with my boys

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Today has been a busy and awesome day!

Because we were getting our hardwoods cleaned by Stanley Steemer today I had to keep the boys out of the house. (Thanks to my dad for dealing with the floors guys while I took the boys on an adventure.)
What was supposed to be a morning out turned into a full day on the town. (Thanks to the floor guys running 2 hours behind schedule, they did a great job just no where new the time we scheduled.)

It’s a lot of work hauling both boys around town but we managed to hit the Museum of Life and Science, The Streets at Southpoint, Destination Maternity, BabiesRUS, and Target! To say I’m tired is an understatement, but I had an absolute blast. It’s such a pleasure to be mom to these two little boys. They both behaved wonderfully and because we couldn’t go home we were able to take our time and enjoy our day. I sort of feel like super mom right now, except I’ll probably need a week to recover from all the fun!

Tonight Joe is taking me out for a birthday dinner, we don’t have a plan but I’m looking forward to a night on the town. The weather is perfect and as long as I get to eat good food and spend quality time with my husband I think today is going to rank pretty high on the awesome meter.

Happy Early Birthday to ME!

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