Well Hello There 29

Yesterday I celebrated my 29th birthday. Since I got my big present on Saturday we kept it kind of low key for my actual birthday.

During the day I hung out with Jude as usual. Then in the evening my parents came over and watched Jude so Joe and I could go out on a date. Because it was my birthday and Joe’s birthday is exactly on week after mine and because I’m always signing up for free stuff. We ate dinner at Red Robin where we both had FREE Burgers! Neither of us had been there before so it was an adventure. The burgers were decent but still no match for MoJoe’s or Raleigh Times.

Afterward we went to the Galaxy Cinema and saw Sunshine Cleaning. It was good but a bit sadder than I expected. However, I would still recommend you see it. We had one free movie ticket and got the other at the “member” price. So all together my birthday date was pretty economical. 🙂 I think we probably spent about $15 (including the generous tip for the waitress) on an evening that would have otherwise cost almost $50.

Next week we’ll celebrate Joe’s birthday in a similar fashion… dinner and a movie… and of course we will use coupons!

Oh yeah Jude got me a present, via his father. I now have 3 new potted plants to add to my garden. Basil, Dill and a Banana Pepper.

Hooray for May Birthdays!


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