Our Nature Walk Talks

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The first half of the week we were stuck indoors with a sick Simon. The weather was dreary so we embraced this downtime as best we could by learning new card games, sitting by the fire and lots of imaginative play. It was lovely to just rest but these boys don’t rest for long. So near the end of the week Simon was feeling better and all of the boys were itching to get outside.

We took a nature walk along a new path. We didn’t get very far but we stayed gone for a very long time. Every few feet there were new things explore and new conversations to be had. The topics of our discussions ranged from tree and leaf decay to world travel. These boys are full of questions and I love trying to answer every one. If I don’t know the answer I let them know and suggest we look into learning more together.

We are learning to slow down. Trying to not always be doing. Embrace just being.


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