Sertoma Arts Center/ Shelley Lake #DiscoverRaleighParks

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Yesterday I took the boys to our 3 stops on our Raleigh Parks Tour. Our previous home backed up to the Shelley Lake hiking trail but since we only lived in that house for a year most of which I was either extremely pregnant or caring for newborn Noah we only ventured down the path twice.

Photo Aug 18, 10 50 32 AM

We first stopped at the Arts Center to get our passport stamps. The boys were super excited to also get the bonus sticker. There was a sign-out front that said starting September 1 the center would be closed for remodeling and there was a group of people congregated in the lobby discussing the plans. We are excited to see the new look that’s coming soon.

Photo Aug 18, 10 57 04 AM

Then we walked down to the playground area. The weather was a bit overcast and I think I even felt a few drops of rain so we had the entire park to ourselves for most of the time. I really like the variety of the play equipment and of course, the ample shade provided by the forest-like surroundings.

Photo Aug 18, 11 13 54 AM

After a quick water break we headed down the path to the lake. Along the way the boys stopped at the work out areas that are located along the path.

Photo Aug 18, 10 52 05 AM

As we approached the lake and bridge a large, very aggressive duck flew right toward us and charged us away from the deck area. A large group of ducks followed behind him. There were signs warning people to NOT feed the ducks but it was apparent these ducks knew where to find food. We didn’t have any food for them and after evading the aggressive duck clan we walked to the other side of the bridge.

Photo Aug 18, 11 45 24 AM

We sat on a bench (a very safe distance from the ducks) and the boys ate their snack, fresh farmer’s market peaches.

Photo Aug 18, 11 48 10 AM

They love climbing to the top of the observation tower, which had some interesting graffiti art, while Abel ate his snack.

Photo Aug 18, 11 54 26 AM

Photo Aug 18, 11 55 22 AM

Photo Aug 18, 12 01 35 PM

They boys were excited to explore the lake/trail area and were a little sad when we had to leave.

Photo Aug 18, 12 10 51 PM


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