The Tooth Fairy Didn’t Come

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Jude lost his first tooth on Sunday afternoon.

A few days prior he was trying to pry two pieces of Legos apart with his teeth, despite us repeatedly warning him to NOT put Lego pieces in his mouth. When suddenly his bottom tooth got wiggly. He ran to me very concerned that maybe he had broken his tooth but I assured him that it was OK if he lost a tooth and it was part of growing up.

After the initial shock of a wiggly tooth wore off he didn’t mention his loose tooth for a few day, until yesterday. Joe and Jude were playing video games while the younger boys napped when out of nowhere Jude announced that his tooth was about to fall out. I was in the other room and asked Jude to come show me his tooth. As he got out of his seat and walked toward me he just pulled out his tooth and handed it to me. No fuss. No tears. Not even a flinch.

Joe and I laughed as Jude stood there holding his tooth with blood pouring out of his gum and he just smiled the biggest and proudest smile.

First Lost Tooth

Later that evening he wrote a letter to the Tooth Fairy.

Deer Tooth Fairy, Come Get My Tooth Please. From Jude.

He placed the letter along with his tooth inside an envelope and carefully put it under his pillow.


That night the boys had a tough time falling asleep due to the anticipation of the coming Tooth Fairy. They requested to open their window so the Tooth Fairy could get in but we denied their request and assured them the Tooth Fairy would find a way in.

In the morning Jude walked into our bedroom with the saddest look on his face.

The Tooth Fairy didn’t come. All night and the Tooth Fairy never came. The letter is still under my pillow.

I asked Jude to bring me the letter from under his pillow so I could see. As he came back downstairs with the letter he said, “This letter looks different. It has my name on it.” He then opened the letter and realized that he didn’t look closely at the envelop and that the Tooth Fairy did in fact come.


He has decided that the $1 the Tooth Fairy gave him isn’t enough money to buy much so he is going to save it until he loses more teeth and can buy something awesome.



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