Baby Jude the Wedding Crasher

This past weekend we went to Chicago for my dear friend, Vasti’s wedding. It was a great weekend with great Chicago weather and great Puerto Rican fun. We arrived on Friday afternoon and after we checked into our hotel we went to meet Vasti at her house. I went with her and Talitha to her bachelorette party while Joe and Jude got some dinner and had guy time just chillin at the hotel. Several of Vasti’s bridesmaids organized a little get together at one of their houses complete with the yummiest Chicago style pizza, made my Mexicans and cupcakes. We played games and laughed alot. I definitely learned a little too much about some of her friends.
On Saturday we found some coffee for Joe and explored the area before heading over to the Family and Friends Luncheon. Vasti’s mom and Antoinio’s dad prepared all the food and it was absolutely delicious. Joe could probably eat that rice every day for every meal. After the luncheon the bridal party had the rehearsal so Joe and I went to meet his friend Brandon that lived in the area. We walked to a cool coffee shop near their house and the fellas got to catch up while I got to know Brandon’s wife, Sarah. Later that evening we ate dinner with them at a local restaurant called Dunlay’s, they had the most amazing Skillet Cookie. Everyone loved baby Jude and he loved all the attention.
Sunday was the day of the wedding so in the early day we got some lunch and hung out at the hotel with the bridal party as they were getting ready and taking pictures. The wedding was beautiful. We were probably the whitest people there but we loved every moment. It was very emotional and made you want to clap or maybe cry. Vasti’s father officiated the ceremony and his words were so encouraging and right on. I know they are very blessed to have such a great family. After the ceremony there was a long break before the reception so we stopped at a local record store before heading to the reception hall. The Hall was beautiful and the food was delicious. There was alot of dancing and laughing the whole weekend. We were blessed to be apart of this beautiful day of Antoinio and Vasti’s. I don’t know Antoinio very well but I can tell he loves Vasti very much and his eyes are full of kindness. I know they will have a beautiful marriage and I hope they have lots of little half Puerto Rican babies for me to kiss.
Monday we dropped Talitha off at the airport, filled up our rental car, cursed the navigation system and went back to the airport. We were very glad to be home after a long day of traveling and a busy wedding weekend.
I learned a few thing about Chicago. First people use their horns alot while driving , not always to let you know they are pissed off but sometimes just to inform you they are running the red light or driving on the median. Secondly, you must be good at parallel parking to live in the city. Luckily Joe is a master at parallel parking so we managed pretty well. But if I’d been driving we wouldn’t have gone many places. Finally, it’s true what they say about Southern hospitality. People up north aren’t quite as friendly and courteous as us southerners. I guess it’s just too cold.


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