He’s so alert.


Jude constantly gets comments about how alert and attentive he is for his age. I just figured all 4 month old’s could almost sit up on their own, love taking off their socks to eat their feet and laugh in anticipation of the tummy claw!
Ironically most of the time people make this comment he’s a bit sleepy.
Most of the time his awareness is fun as he discovers all sorts of new things but sometimes it makes for a fussy sleepy baby that just wants to stay up and enjoy the fun instead of sleeping. We’ve found that a sling is great to block out distractions. He also loves going for walks in the stroller where he can watch the colorful leaves against the fall sky. He is usually asleep in minutes! At night I usually feed him, cuddle for a bit, put him in his bed, turn on some music as he watches the bears on his mobile and drifts off to sleep. However, certain nights where he’s a bit riled up Joe will come serenade him on the guitar as Jude and I cuddle with Eskimo kisses. (He loves Eskimo kisses!)
He is my handsome little man!


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