Jude’s sleep patterns

I think Jude is settling in to a sleep pattern, for now anyway. He typically wakes up anywhere between 9-10 am. Takes a nap around 11-12am then another nap around 3-4pm and goes to bed around 9-10pm. I’m perfectly O.K. with this schedule. Sometimes we get a little off if we have a bad night or busy day. But he’s hardly ever fussy except when he’s decided he’s ready to go to sleep. Then I just lay him in our bed and he may fuss for a minute until he finds a comfortable spot then he’s out!

Here are a few of the positions he finds comfortable!

Yes that is a blanket hanging over the edge of his bed covering his head!

Again with the blanket on his face and his hand over his eyes.

No covers and drooling on the sheets!


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