About My Dada – By Jude


Earlier this year I interviewed Jude. I asked him questions about his Dada… the results were pretty awesome.

Screen Shot 2013-12-29 at 3.48.12 PMThese questions were asked around June of 2013 – Jude was almost 5 years old.

Me: What is your Dada’s name?
Jude: Joe

Me: How old is Dada?
Jude: 28

Me: What color hair does Dada have?
Jude: Black

Me: What color eyes does Dada have?
Jude: Green

Me: How much does Dada weigh?
Jude: 25 + 30 cents

Me: How tall is Dada?
Jude: 24 feet tall

Me: What is Dada’s favorite food?
Jude: All of them

Me: What is Dada’s favorite drink?
Jude: Water and Coffee

Me: Where is Dada’s favorite place?
Jude: The Park and School

Me: What is something you would buy for Dada?
Jude: Something brilliant that’s a happy gift card.

Me: What is your favorite thing to give Dada?
Jude: a card

Me: What do you and Dada like to do together?
Jude: Doing projects and Eating food and making me watch shows with him and make me happy.

Me: What does Dada do when you are at school?
Jude: Dada loves to go to work.

I’m thinking of doing another round of these questions again… maybe around Father’s Day. It will be neat to watch as his answers change as he grows up.

Me: What does Dada do at work?
Jude: At work he makes a smiley face for me. He likes working at home and eating. He works a lot.

Me: Is there anything else you want to say about Dada?
Jude: I like giving him hugs.


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