Did I Ever Tell You This Embarassing Story?

Yet another awkward story from junior high. 

Our church had a junior high home group that I attended on Sunday nights. We met at a friend’s house and spent the first half of the evening playing outdoor-run-around games before we headed inside for our Bible study. 
One evening after a rousing game of Gorilla as we convened around the picnic table waiting to head inside. I glanced down and notice that my shoe was untied. I put my foot up on the end of the picnic bench and leaned over to tie my shoe. As I lean and pressed my weight upon my foot I quickly learned that there were no nails holding said piece of wood in place. Down went my foot and up went the board and it smacked me in the face. It was quite comical, like something that would happen in a cartoon. However, being 13 I didn’t find it funny and it actually hurt pretty bad. I held back tears of pain and embarassment.

Now I look back at that evening and have to laugh. Not just laugh at the absurdity of the situation but that I thought my whole life would be “OVER” because I was embarassed in front of my friends. I’m sure most of them don’t remember me much less the board that almost knocked me out.

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