Life with the Liebs

So I haven’t posted in a little while because there haven’t been too many exciting things to write about… plus I need to download the picture from my camera and I just keep forgetting. But in the meantime here is a small update on what we’ve been doing and what we plan to do.

This past weekend Joe’s parents came to town to visit. We had a pretty low key weekend with eating out and just spending time watching Jude do cute things. After they left on Sunday we headed over the Nathan and Jillian’s house to celebrate Dalton’s 9th birthday. Joe played at church for all three services on Sunday so it was a pretty packed day and we were all exhausted. On Monday, Joe’s day off, we kept it pretty low key and just hung out around the house. Nathan and the boys came over and all the guys played video games. It was pretty entertaining to watch everyone get into the games. Then we went to Home Group that evening and had an amazing potluck dinner with our friends and talked about God! Tuesday Joe went to work and Jude and I went to the mall the xchange a few things and had lunch with Joe. After Joe got off work we went to Owner’s Night at church. Wednesday while Joe was at work Jude and I ran a few more errand and met up with Joe again for lunch! (twice in one week what a treat!)

Today Jude and I are going to visit our friend Kristy and her two boys, Gus and Cam for a play date! (Or rather mommy time!) Tomorrow night we might attend the show at V21 depending on how Jude is doing and I am going shopping with Andrea on Saturday.

We keep pretty busy around these parts between running errands, visiting with friends, meals, church events and cleaning. We love having people over to our house to eat, play video games, watch movies or just hang out so if you’re ever in the mood for some cute baby Jude give us a call!


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