Tale of the Vansishing Sleeping Baby

Not so long ago and not so far away lived a sweet little baby that was always content. He smiled and he ate and he slept like a champ until one day an evil witch cast a spell on him. It was a cocktail of a curse with a dash of teething, a splash of gas and a hint of growth spurt. The sweet little babe no longer smiled, ate or slept like a champ. 
He was a sad little babe. He cried and he fussed and slept only so often. His poor mom and dad knew not what to do. They rocked and they swayed. They swaddled. They cuddled. They gave the sweet little baby tinctures that claimed to bring relief. They changed diaper upon diaper. Alas, there was no end to the babe’s crying. 

He was so tired and sad. Mom and Dad were so tired and also sad. But Mom and Dad knew this was only a phase and it too shall pass. Praying relief would come sooner than later. They knew that their sweet little babe would soon return and he would smile, eat and sleep like a champ.

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