The 3 Common Misconceptions About Disney Vacations


The thought of going to Disney with your family is appealing, but the excuses in your mind keep nagging at you. It’s frustrating when you have a fantastic idea, but those little voices hinder your success. Common misconceptions about Disney may prevent you from planning a fantastic vacation.

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Common Misconceptions About Disney Vacations:

1) It’s too expensive

A common misconception about Disney is that it will cost you an arm and a leg to visit. Disney vacations are unlike any other vacation you will ever experience. Ticket prices for a Broadway show or a sporting event can cost $100/person or more. However, at Disney Parks, you can enjoy rides, shows, characters, fireworks, and immersive theming throughout the day without spending a dime. There are several Disney packages to choose from that will suit most budgets.

The best vacations are customized to your family’s priorities, so finding packages that fit your needs is imperative. A good travel agent will work with you to create a vacation plan that will fit your needs and budget.

2) It’s too crowded

While it may occasionally be a trip, a common misconception about Disney is that it’s always crowded. You may think Disney will always be crowded, and you’ll spend most of your time waiting in long lines. Having a plan is the secret to enjoying Disney Parks. Visiting the parks and waiting no more than 15-20 minutes for a ride is possible.

The time of year you visit will make a big difference in the crowds. You will typically find higher crowds around holidays and when the kids are out of school. A travel agent may help you create a personalized park plan for your visit to help you minimize time waiting in line.

If crowds overwhelm you, you may want to consider a Disney Cruise instead. You get to experience the Disney magic and service on a smaller scale.

3) It’s just for kids

Another misconception about Disney is that it’s only for kids. Disney is the perfect destination for families with kids; there is something special about taking a Disney trip as an adult. There are plenty of adult-friendly activities like signature dining, festivals, golf courses, spas, pools, cultural exhibits, and all the rides.

If you are traveling with younger children, you can still enjoy some grown-up fun with Genie+, Rider Switch, or In-Room Childcare. Taking a Disney vacation allows you to let loose and be a kid again.

You will find areas specially designed for adults on Disney Cruise Line and at Disney’s Aulani resort (yes, without any children). Your package includes the kids’ clubs here so that you can enjoy your alone time as much as possible. It’s your vacation, too, after all!

Start Planning Your Disney Vacation

Let’s start planning since we’ve eliminated your misconceptions about Disney. It can seem overwhelming when you start planning a trip to Disney, but thankfully, you can ease your stress by hiring a travel agent.

You may also want to learn more about everything Disney has to offer. Check out these additional articles to help you start planning your trip.

If you have more questions, it’s okay. You can work with a travel agent who will help you assemble your trip details and answer any questions. A professional travel agent will provide you with the most up-to-date information and help tailor your trip to your family’s needs perfectly.

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