Treasure Quest Mining Backyard Birthday Party

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For Abel’s 4th birthday we booked a Backyard Miner’s Birthday Package from Treasure Quest Mining. Treasure Quest Mining is an indoor gem mining experience and prehistoric gift shop located in Apex, North Carolina. I took the boys to Treasure Quest several months ago while they were tracked out and they absolutely loved it. We bought 2 small buckets (one with gems and the other with fossils) and the boys enjoyed mining for treasure and identifying their finds.

Treasure Quest also offers in-store parties and backyard party packages. Because we live about 30 minutes away from Treasure Quest I loved the idea of a back yard party so all of our local friends and neighbors could easily attend.

The Backyard Miners Package includes:

  • mining rough
  • a sifter
  • a collection bucket
  • treasure bags
  • identification cards

for each participant (10 miner minimum)

You choose what you want to include in your package:

  • Rock bag – mining rough that includes gems, rocks, and minerals.
  • Beach bag – mining rough with seashells, fossilized sharks’ teeth and other beach finds.
  • Megalodon bag – a mega-sized beach bag with an authentic Megalodon tooth and other rare finds.  (additional cost)
  • Geodes – whole Moroccan geodes containing clear quartz crystals. (additional cost)

For our party we set out the buckets on our back patio and walked around with the hose to help wash away the sediment so guest could discover their treasures. Thankfully, the weather on this North Carolina January day was relatively mild, around 50 degrees. Eventually the kid’s fingers got cold and we went inside but not before discovering all kinds of treasures like shark teeth, shells, fossils and more.

If you live in the greater Raleigh area I highly recommend checking out Treasure Quest Mining, either for a fun activity to do with the kids or to book your next birthday party.


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