Choosing the best Universal Orlando Hotels


Planning a trip to Universal Florida raises many questions, such as where to stay, how long to stay in the parks, and how to schedule your time in the parks. After selecting your dates, you must choose a Universal Orlando Hotel that fits your family’s needs.

Universal Orlando has eight hotels that vary by price and amenities. Choosing the best hotel for your family can drastically impact your entire vacation.

Universal Orlando Hotels

Universal Orlando on-site hotels range in price from less than $100 to over $500 per night. Staying in a Universal hotel is convenient and comes with several perks.

Universal Hotel benefits:

  • Early Park Admission
  • Complimentary transportation – buses, boats, and hotel-to-hotel shuttles
  • Room key charging at resorts and theme parks
  • Package delivery to your hotel
  • On-site dining
  • Pools
  • Fitness Centers
  • Game Rooms
  • Universal Studio Stores with resort merch

Universal Premier Hotels benefits:

  • Unlimited Express Pass
  • Priority dining at select Universal restaurants
  • Club Level rooms and concierge service

All Universal hotels charge overnight parking fees ranging from $15 to $28 per night, depending on the hotel.

Universal’s Premier Hotels

Universal’s Premier hotels are the top tier and offer luxurious amenities, sit-down restaurants, lounges, and spas. A four-night stay in a standard room starts in the mid-to-high $200s per night. It is not uncommon for prices to exceed $500 per night during peak season.

Universal’s Premier Hotels:

  1. Loews Portofino Bay Resort
  2. Hard Rock Hotel 
  3. Loews Royal Pacific Resort


  • Luxurious hotel amenities
  • Unlimited Express Pass included
  • Within walking distance of the parks
  • Boat & bus transportation


  • Price

Universal Preferred Hotels

Universal Preferred hotels are similar in amenities to the Premier hotels except they do NOT includ Unilimited Express Pass. A four-night stay in a standard room starts in the high $100s to low $300s.

Universal Preferred Hotel:

Loews Sapphire Falls Resort 


  • Premier amenities
  • Boat and bus transportation


  • No Unlimted Express Pass
  • Longer walk to the parks

Universal Prime Value Hotels

Universal Prime Value hotels offer unique amenities at a low price. A four-night stay in a standard room starts in the low $100s to mid $200s per night.

Universal Prime Value hotels:

  1. Universal’s Cabana Bay Beach Resort 
  2. Universal’s Aventura Hotel


  • Within walking distance of Volcano Bay Water Park
  • Unique features not available at other hotels


  • No Express Pass
  • Only bus transportation to parks

Universal Value Hotels

Universal’s Value hotels are the most inexpensive of rooms available on-site. A four-night stay in a standard room starts under $100 per night.

Universal Value hotel:

  1. Universal’s Endless Summer Resort Surfside and Dockside


  • Lowest price on-site rooms
  • Low priced food and drink options
  • Two-bedroom suites are ideal for larger families.


  • No Express Pass
  • Only bus transportation to parks
  • Minimal amenities

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