Mordecai Historic House #DiscoverRaleighParks


Remember last week when we went to the Walnut Creek Wetlands and John Chavis Memorial Park on the same day? Well, after we finished those parks we were hot, hungry, and thirsty so we drove down Person St to Krispy Kreme for a drink and some Hot Now Donuts.

Photo Aug 20, 3 15 20 PM

It’s always fun to watch them make the donuts!

Photo Aug 20, 3 16 18 PM
Photo Aug 20, 3 16 46 PM

After our refreshments, we decided to stop by the Mordecai Historic Park since we were so close. We didn’t take an official tour since they were closing in 30 minutes but we did get our passport stamp and explored the grounds. Jude was fascinated by the fact that our country’s 17th president Andrew Johnson was born in one of the houses on the property. Even though the house was moved from its original location on Fayetteville St. he thought it was neat that he was born in a house that was just down the road from where of our presidents was also born.

Photo Aug 20, 3 35 54 PM

The boys really enjoyed looking at all of the fruits and vegetables that are growing in the garden.

Photo Aug 20, 3 39 27 PM
Photo Aug 20, 3 36 38 PM
Photo Aug 20, 3 42 38 PM
Photo Aug 20, 3 43 32 PM
Photo Aug 20, 3 43 50 PM

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