Summer Screen-Time Rules (Free Printable)


Avoid battles over screen time with simple screen time rules.

Summer days are for endless hours of playing with friends, lazily lying around, and enjoying the slower pace. When school is out, kids are in ultimate relaxation mode. And it’s good for kids to have unstructured time as it produces more creativity and independence.

However, most kids want to spend their summer playing on a device or watching television. While there are many benefits to kids using technology, too much screen time can hurt kids. It’s best to take a proactive approach to prevent arguments and meltdowns over kids’ screen time each day.

Create Summer Rules

Maybe your family already has a screen time plan that provides guidelines for screen usage during the school year. If not, it’s never too late. But then summer rolls around and throws out all of your great plans with its lack of routine.

Consider creating Summer Rules for screen time. It’s OK for kids to have a little extra screen time when school’s out for a break. But creating healthy boundaries and guidelines around screen use will reduce the number of times kids ask to play video games.

How to Create Summer Screen Time Rules

Give kids options of alternative activities they can do instead of screen time.

Include daily tasks like getting dressed, eating breakfast, make your bed. These simple tasks create a routine to help structure your child’s day.

Get them to help around the house with age-appropriate chores.


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