How to Create A Screen Time Plan for Your Family that Works

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Parents know that excessive screen time for children can lead to meltdowns. Creating a screen time plan for your family helps establish healthy habits. One of the ways you can help manage screen time in your home is to create a family plan.

How to Create A Screen Time Plan

Work Together

Start by discussing your goals and priorities for screen time as a family. What types of screen time are you limiting? Are there specific activities you want to prioritize or define, such as social media or gaming? Make a list of priorities and goals together.

Create Guidelines

Establish specific guidelines for screen time based on your priorities. For example, you may set a daily limit on all screen time, designate specific times when screens are off-limits, or establish rules around tasks that must be completed before screen time. Using a video game and screen time contract may benefit older kids.

Reward and Consequences

Decide the rewards and consequences of following or breaking screen time rules. Let children know what is expected of them and the consequences for breaking the rules.

Post the Plan

Once you have created your screen time plan, please post it in a visible location, such as on the fridge or a bulletin board. Make sure all family members understand and agree to the plan.

Adjust the Plan

Occasionally review the screen time plan and make adjustments as needed. As children grow and technology changes, your family’s screen time needs and priorities may shift, so it’s essential to revisit the plan periodically and make changes as necessary.

Create A Device Charging Station

Establishing a central location where all devices will live when not in use helps maintain screen time rules. Make a simple DIY charging station to keep all of your family’s devices organized and in a secure location.

Why is it Important to Have A Family Screen Time Plan?

There are many benefits to children using technology, but too much of a good thing can be harmful. It’s essential to have a family screen time plan to help children develop a healthy relationship with technology.

Reasons why you need a family screen time plan:

  • Establishes healthy habits and sets limits on the amount of time spent in front of screens
  • It helps families monitor screen time, which can reduce the risk of addiction
  • Ensures that children are engaging in quality screen time
  • Helps families ensure that children are using technology in a safe and secure way
  • Encourages families to communicate about their technology use

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