How to Set Up an iPad for Kids

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The iPad is considered one of the best tablets for kids because of its versatility and extensive content catalog. However, the iPad isn’t a toy and doesn’t have all of the safeguards that come standard on other kid-friendly devices.

Apple has integrated features that allow parents to set up an iPad for use by a child. These features include a separate Apple ID for each child, limiting purchases, preventing access to specified apps, and setting content ratings.

Setting up your iPad to be used by children is relatively simple. Apple gives parents several options to help parents monitor a child’s use of the iPad.

Setting Up iCloud Family Sharing

Apple’s Family Sharing allows family members to share music, apps, movies, subscriptions, and more. Each family member has their own Apple ID, but up to six family members can join a Family Sharing account.

  1. On your Apple device, navigate to the Settings App. Select Your Name and then Family Sharing.
  2. Follow the instructions to set up a Family Sharing account and invite family members with existing Apple IDs.

Create an Apple ID for your Child

If you have a child under 13, you must set up an Apple ID for them. Children older than 13 are allowed to create their own Apple ID.

  1. On your Apple device, navigate to the Settings App. Select Your Name and then Family Sharing. Settings App > Your Name > Family Sharing
  2. Select Add Member and create an Apple ID for your child (Each family member will have a free email address)
  3. To create their account, you will need their Name and Date of Birth.

Family Sharing Settings

Set Screen Time, Purchases, Subscriptions, and more

Family Sharing gives parents easy access to set up and change the parental controls for each child and device.

  1. On your Apple device, navigate to the Settings App. Select Family.
  2. Select a child’s profile to edit.
  3. Select Parents/Guardians to add or remove adults who can manage a child’s account.
  4. Select Screen Time to monitor your child’s device usage and set app limits, downtime, and restrict content.
  5. Select Ask to Buy to set up approval from a parent or guardian before purchases can be made.
  6. Select Apple Cash to set up Apple Pay for family members under 18.
  7. Select Subscriptions to manage subscription-based apps like iTunes, which family members can access.
  8. Select Purchases to manage sharing of purchases made through this family member’s account.
  9. Select Sharing Location to enable and manage the location sharing of a device.

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