Scavenger Hunt with A Surprise Ending


A few days ago we surprised our oldest son, Jude, with an Apple Watch by setting up a scavenger hunt throughout our house. He had absolutely no idea we were getting him an Apple Watch so it was so fun to see his look of surprise when he caught on to what was going on.

None of our kids have cell phones and we kind of want to hold off getting them phones because they don’t need any additional distractions. However, we found that now that we have a teenager we’ve have times where it’s been difficult to keep up with his busy social schedule. He’s often had to borrow other people’s phones to call us when things didn’t go according to plan. With the new Apple Watch it works on a cellular plan independently of a cell phone. He is able to call, text and do many other things a cell phone can do but without a lot of the extra apps, games and distractions. Not only are there fewer distractions on the watch but it’s attached to his person making it less likely he’ll lose it.

While the Apple Watch is a larger upfront investment our monthly service costs are fairly low and more than anything it gives us peace of mind. I know that he has a safe and reliable way to contact us but without all of the distracting games and social media.

You can see all of the shenanigans of Jude searching for his Apple Watch below on our YouTube channel.


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