Noah Asher – Month Two

Noah is 2 months old! 
I really can’t believe how quickly he is growing. I’m already packing up clothes and cloth diapers that are too small. Seriously kid, slow down!

At his check up on Monday his stats were:
16 lbs
24 in – long
and 100% healthy

I just went through all the 6 month clothes because he’s almost outgrown his 3 month clothes. 
The onesie is barely snap closed.

He’s starting to develop his personality and it’s so fun to watch. He lights up ever time he see me, which makes me SO happy! He smiles and laughs, it’s pretty freakin cute. He’s even trying to roll over. (He can usually get to one side pretty well. 
he loves that pig!
He’s nursing like a pro and has become a bit of a boob snob. He doesn’t really care for the bottle especially if I try to give it to him. But really I can’t blame him, the boob is far superior to any fake nipple. He has been having a rough time handling my over supply and forceful let-down. He hasn’t been getting enough of the hind-milk therefore he has more belly aches and more green poop. I’ve been trying to get him to nurse for longer on one side but sometimes he just gets so mad at my boob.

Otherwise, he is one happy little boy and I’m one blessed mama.


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